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Dear friends I would like to share a small incident with all of you. Just two days back we had a few labourers in our house for some repair work. I was preparing tea for them in the morning. Just as I kept the vessel with 2 cups of water, tea powder, milk and sugar for boiling the bell rang. My mother opened the door and saw a young Fakir at the door. He said that he was sent by Sai Baba to give a message that some good thing was to happen in our house. It could be a marriage, someone getting a job or purchasing a house. As soon as I went out to see what was happening the Fakir said he wanted nothing no money, no grains nothing .He then asked me for a half cup of tea. The moment he said tea I remembered that I had left tea on the gas stove. I ran inside, to my surprise the tea was boiling and when I poured it into the cup I found that it was exactly half a cup. The reason why I was surprised is that the time I kept the tea and when I talked to the Fakir and remembered my tea was hardly 2 minutes.

What surprises me is that the Fakir asked for nothing and said he had got what he wanted and went away. Surely the quantity of tea which reduced to half a cup in 2 minutes was not a normal thing. I am not able to identify whether this is some sort of a miracle but if the words of the Fakir come true I shall surely share this with you.

Let me take this as an opportunity to thank the site, which is helping us to share our experiences.