Sai Baba one of the great saints of India was first seen in the village of Shirdi as a young lad of sixteen years. He lived there for about sixty years. Peace or mental calm was his ornament, and He was the repository of wisdom. He had no love for perishable things, and was always engrossed in self-realization, which was his sole concern. He felt no pleasure in the things of this world or of the world beyond. His heart was clear as a mirror, and his speech always rained nectar. The rich or the poor were the same to Him. He neither knew nor cared for honour or dishonour. He was the lord of all beings. He spoke freely and mixed with all people. The name of Allah was always on his lips. Though he sat in one place, He knew all the transactions of the world.

Baba spent his entire life in the Shirdi village. The villagers treated Baba, as member of their religion be it a Hindu or a Muslims. Nobody could ever find out Baba’s religion. His fame had spread all over the country and drew devotees from all over. Thousands thought of him as a wonderful saint with miraculous powers but his innermost circle knew him to be an incarnation of God himself. Some said of Datta, others of Shiva, still others saw ecstatic visions of their own beloved Guru or chosen Ishta (personalized icon of God) while gazing at Him. He himself said that he was the humble servant of God and pleased and furthered all who came in contact with him.

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