Once there lived a Mohammedian gentleman by name Chand Patil in Aurangabad district, in a village called 'Dhoop'.While making a trip once to Aurangabad he lost his mare.He searched for his mare for two months but could not find it.Being disappointed he was returning from Aurangabad with the saddleon his back.On the way he meet a Fakir sitting under a mango tree who had a cap on his head, wore a kafni (long robe) and had a satka(short stick) under his arm.

He was preparing to smoke a chillim(pipe).The Fakir called Chand Patil and asked him to have a smoke and rest a little.The Fakir asked him about the saddle.Chand Patil told him about his lost mare.The Fakir then asked him to search near a Nala close by.Chand Patil was wonder struck he had found his lost his mare, he understood that Fakir was not ordinary man, but a great saint.He returned to the Fakir with the mare.The chillim was ready for being smoked but two things were missing 1) fire to light the pipe 2) Water to wet the chhapi. The Fakir took His prong and thrust it forcibly into the ground and out came a live Ember, which He put on the pipe. Then, dashed the satka on the ground from where water began to ooze.

The Chhapi was wetted with water, then wrung out and wrapped round the pipe. Thus everything being complete the Fakir smoked the Chillim and also gave it to Chand Patil. Chand Patil invited him to his house. Next day the Fakir went to Patil's House and stayed with him for some time. Patil was the village officer of Dhoop. His wife's brother's son was to be married and the Bride was from Shirdi.

The Fakir accompanied the marriage party to Shirdi and it alighted at the foot of a Banyan tree in Bhagat Mhalsapati's field, near the Khandoba's temple.Along with everyone the Fakir also got down.Bhagat Mhalsapati saw the young Fakir getting down and greeted him saying "Ya Sai" (Welcome Sai)! Others also addressed him as "SAI" and thenceforth he became "SAI BABA".

Sai Baba was incarnated with full Divine powers. But he called himself “ Servant of God,” and the supernatural feats that occurred at his hands, he ascribed to God Himself.

He never called himself a Guru and had no disciples too. He had only his devotees.

Every night, Baba used to light earthen lamps in the Dwarkamai. For this, he asked the grocers to give him oil. In the beginning, people looked upon Baba as a mad fakir and so the grocers gave him oil just for the fun of it. But soon they got fed up with this daily practice and one day they all refused to give him oil.


With the empty oil-tin dangling from his hand, Baba came back to Dwarkamai, with a merry song on his lips :"If no oil, I am not worried, Dwarkamai will supply the need." He put a little water in the oil-tin and poured it in the lamps and kindled them one by one. The ‘water-lamps’ burnt throughout the night. Those who had come to scoff remained to praise.

This incident established the supernatural powers of Baba beyond a shred of doubt

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